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From small landscaping projects to residential construction jobs to acres of excavation, ASV’s enable you to work in more places and in more conditions to get more done every day. ASV designs and manufactures premium compact track loaders and skid steers that lead the industry in hydraulic performance, tractive effort, undercarriage technology, reliability, serviceability, and comfort.

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  • Engine: 74.0 hp
  • Capacity: 2,750 lbs 
  • Ground Pressure: 3.5 psi
  • Operating Weight: 9.060 lbs
RT-75 MAX Heavy Duty
  • Engine: 74.0 hp
  • Capacity: 2,800 lbs 
  • Ground Pressure: 3.6 psi
  • Operating Weight: 9.210 lbs

  • Engine: 67.0 hp
  • Capacity: 1,925 lbs 
  • Ground Pressure: 4.2 psi
  • Operating Weight: 7,480 lbs
  • Engine: 53.8 hp
  • Capacity: 1,400 lbs 
  • Ground Pressure: 3.0 psi
  • Operating Weight: 5,180 lbs
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