Our Team

The only thing that is greater than our passion is our experience

There Is No Substitute For Experience

Like speed is to sports, experience is to our industry.  There is nothing quite as valuable as working with someone you are confident “gets it.”   Our team represents more than 100 years of experience in different aspects of the construction and equipment industry. 


Randy Sloan
Sales Manager
Phone: (910) 777-8491
Email: randysloan@SoundHM.com

Brian Bland
Sales & Rental Coordinator
Phone: (910) 782-2477
Email: Brianbland@SoundHM.com

Jonathan Stanley
Recycling & Material Processing Specialist
Phone: (910) 899-8368
Email: jstanley@SoundHM.com

Mark Wyatt
Equipment Sales & Rentals
Phone: (910) 612-1379
Email: markwyatt@SoundHM.com

Scott Harkness
Equipment Sales & Rentals
Phone: (910) 777-8756
Email: sharkness@SoundHM.com

Trey Meekins
Equipment Sales & Rentals
Phone: (980) 505-6516
Email: trey@SoundHM.com

Gary White
Equipment Sales & Rentals
Phone: (919) 775-9769
Email: white@SoundHM.com


Tony Moore
Parts Manager
Phone: (910) 782-2477
Email: tmoore@SoundHM.com

Travis Cahill
Parts Specialist
Phone: (910) 782-2477
Email: tcahill@SoundHM.com.com

Deanna Rhodes
Parts Specialist
Phone: (910) 782-2477
Email: deanna@SoundHM.com.com


Conner Gore
Service Manager
Phone: (910) 470-7695
Email: cgore@SoundHM.com

Marketing & Communications

Mark Thomas
Director of Marketing
Phone: (910) 444-9943
Email: markthomas@SoundHM.com