Trommel Screens

Tracked Trommel Screens That Produce Results

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Anaconda’s ingenuity in its signature range of trommel screens comes from a long period of research and development. These trommel screens have been helping end users produce up to 75% more fines in the first pass compared to a standard scroll drum. This is because a scroll drum can cause the material to ball and bind together and increase the need for reprocessing. Anaconda’s tried and true trommel workhorses are designed to deal with testing conditions such as compost, soil, moisture, and clay-contaminated material.

Anaconda's Trommel Screen Models

  • The TD620 Trommel Screen is a well-established screener and comes with a 5.5m long screening drum with a diameter of 2.0m. This organic screening giant allows you to get the most fines from a given application.  Within the TD620, Anaconda has added a lift bar system to lift and cut material as it is passed through the trommel.

  • The TD516R Trommel Screen is a well-established screen due to its ability to ensure optimum levels of productivity every time. Complete with a 5.15m long screening drum with a diameter of 1.37m, The screen is fitted with two hydraulic-powered conveyors to easily separate and stockpile the product for the user.