Ground Pressure Affects The Ground, Operator Safety, and Comfort.

There is a lot of talk about what are the best features of skid steers and especially compact track loaders.  One critical issue that can’t be stressed often enough is ground pressure.  Simply put, ground pressure is the distribution of machine weight distributed over the area of tracks that are on the ground.  Low ground pressure is a way to measure how much disturbance a machine can do to the terrain while working which is paramount in certain situations such as wetlands, golf courses, and other sensitive areas.

The two critical factors in reducing ground pressure are the length of the loader’s wheelbase and the width of the track. One of the reasons we selected ASV to be our partner was the quality of machines and the attention to detail.  The ASV compact track loaders have the longest center wheelbases in class and a wide track on all models.  The ASV RT-70 for example has a 15-inch-wide track made of heavy rubber standard.

Another critical factor is the number of wheels powering the track.  Again, ASV goes the extra mile providing more wheels than any other compact track loader class per class. The more wheels per track to even out the pressure on the track provides a smoother ride and less disturbance on the ground.

Low ground pressure doesn’t have to mean loss of power, however.  ASV has a patented system on many of its models called “Posi-Track.” This system transfers the most efficient transfer of torque from the motor to the track. The result is minimizing loss of power and maximizing power to the ground.  This utilization of power and weight distribution also offers a smoother and safer ride for the operator. Others use a dated system of external sprocket drive systems that loses efficiency and power due to friction. All ASV compact track loaders contain the Posi-Track® system and its advantages.  Sizes range from the RT-25 which has 24.7 horses of power with a capacity of 665 pounds to the heavy-duty RT-135 Forestry model.  It has a 132-horsepower engine and can handle up to 4,150 pounds of materials.

Sound Heavy Machinery distributes ASV compact and steer loaders in southeast North Carolina including a wide variety of attachments such as mulching heads, grapples, forks, and buckets.  Learn more about ASV at


Mark Thomas is Director of Marketing for Sound Heavy Machinery and brings a wealth of heavy equipment, material processing, and business experience.