Finishing Screens

 When Retaining Fines From Various Materials Is Paramount

From Start To Finish

Anaconda has a highly reliable and efficient fleet of well-established finishing screens that have gained their reputation over the past decade. Specifically designed to work best in applications where retaining fines is the priority, Anaconda’s larger finishing screen is capable of producing an output of up to 400TPH.

Anaconda's Finishing Screen Lineup

  • The SR520 is powerful and economical to run and can screen/stockpile 4 products at  450TPH. The beauty of the SR520 is it takes into account all aspects of the screen including a tipping grid to scalp away the bulky overs, the screen box for separation of up to four different sizes of the end product, and also built-in conveyors for constant stockpiling of the product as the screen is fed.

  • The SR514 mid-sized screen is dynamic and economical to run. It screens and stockpiles 4 products up to 350TPH. It features a  14 x 5 screen box with the option of 2 or 3 decks; a 14 ft. feed hopper; a main conveyor; and either 3 or 4 hydraulically folding stockpiling conveyors.

  • The SR410 small-sized screen is compact and economical to run that can screen/stockpile 3 products at up to 200TPH. Complete with a 10 x 4 2 deck screen box; a 14ft feed hopper; main conveyor; and 3 hydraulically folding conveyors.  This compact screener is an entry-level screen that will produce high tonnages at the right price. Primary applications include sand, gravel, coal, and aggregates which makes it useful that this screen can be loaded directly with a shovel/excavator or directly from the belt of a crusher. 

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