Big machines moving big things – that is our domain.


SENNEBOGEN is a leader in specialized equipment solutions for recycling and scrap metal yards, demolition, barge, and port operations, log handling, transfer stations, and waste facilities. A growing network of SENNEBOGEN Authorized Service Providers (ASP) throughout North America provides expert support in material handler applications and ongoing maintenance, repairs, parts, and service support. Sound Heavy Machinery is the official ASP for North Carolina.

Now that Sound Heavy Machinery is your ASP, you have more choices to ensure the best possible support for your SENNEBOGEN throughout the life of the machine.

You can put your trust in us for:

  • Warranty service, scheduled maintenance plans, emergency repairs
  • Local access to qualified material handler specialists
  • Factory support services, direct from SENNEBOGEN experts
  • Factory-supplied parts, competitively priced
  • Pre-packaged UPtime kits and Preventive Maintenance Kits

Purpose Built From The Ground Up

Your machine is unique and individual. So is our service for the life of your equipment. Our customer service team will support you promptly and expertly so that you will always receive the first-class quality you have chosen.  To get the complete story and all the parts and services available, go to SENNEBOGEN service